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Zeva is a food delivery app designed to cater to the needs of new technology users who may not be proficient in using smartphones. As there are millions of new technology users joining the fold, Zeva aims to make the process of ordering food delivery more accessible and user-friendly. By simplifying the app's features and streamlining the ordering process, Zeva hopes to facilitate a smoother and more efficient experience for users who may not be comfortable using technology.

Project Overview

The product

Zeva is a user-friendly mobile app designed for those who are new to technology. It allows people to order food with ease, particularly targeting those aged 60 and above who are gradually introduced to smartphones. The app features basic functions to navigate, making it accessible for individuals who are not tech-savvy. With the increasing number of smartphone users, Zeva is offered to provide a more convenient and accessible food ordering experience for everyone.


July 2023 - Sep 2023

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The problem

The number of smartphones in India currently stands at around 1 billion and is growing rapidly. Many first-time smartphone users, particularly those over 60 years old, may need guidance on navigating apps and other features. As technology becomes more prevalent, this guidance may become increasingly important to ensure that everyone has access to the benefits of smartphones and other advancements.

The Goal

Design an app that helps users who are new to technology to order food with assistance. 

My Role

UX designer leading the mobile app design from conception to delivery.


User research, Wireframing, Prototyping, iterating on designs and accounting for accessibility,

Understanding the User

User Research - Summary

After conducting online research and interviews, it was found that people who are new to technology face various challenges while using a new app. They struggle with navigating through the app, understanding its features, and utilizing its capabilities. Furthermore, their limited knowledge about technology often leads to frustration and anxiety, which hinder their learning process.

User feedback revealed that some individuals struggle with navigating apps and are hesitant to take any actions without knowledge of the outcome. Despite this, users expressed a willingness to use food delivery apps if they were accompanied by assistance

Problem statement
Srinath is a Retired elderly person who needs a food delivery app with user guide to easily navigate through the app because he is new to technology.

Persona - Srinath Raman
Persona - Srinath Raman.jpeg

In response to the problem of difficulty in food ordering, a series of solutions were ideated which sought to enhance users' experience. These included a mobile app with a chatbot that recommends popular dishes and provides live assistance when ordering, and an integration with voice assistants to enable hands-free ordering.  Overall, these ideas are aimed at making the ordering process smoother, more personalised and helpful for users.



Paper Wireframes

This is the paper wireframe representing the home page. The intention behind its design is to address various pain points and create a user-friendly homepage accessible to most users. The primary goal was to ensure that all major tiles/icons are prominently featured on the homepage, enabling users to swiftly accomplish their tasks upon login. Pop-ups are put into the design for better use for the users. The final design has all the best qualities from the other designs. Assistance is the main feature for this homepage design.

Digital Wireframes and Prototype

I have created an initial set of wireframes that address the issue at hand by incorporating intuitive navigation features to assist users in placing a food order. These designs prioritize ease-of-use and aim to make the ordering process as seamless as possible.

I have kept scrolling in the app to minimum as it might be confusing for the users to use the function.


     - Pop-ups for assistance.

     - Minimum scrolling for ease of use.

     - Chat bot available for help.

Pop up assistance is given throughout the app for better navigation.


A pop-up question is asked to users incase they need assistance on opening the app.

Image 10-3-23 at 3.18 PM.jpeg
Usability Study

Unmoderated usability study was conducted remotely with 5 participants. participants were asked to navigate through low-fidelity prototype and record their experience. Through this study, we have found 3 major findings with which we will be iterating on the designs further.


Users were not able to go back to the previous page from the current page.


Users wanted Cash On Delivery(COD) option.


Users wanted to add more items to the cart for checkout.


Refining the Design


Based on the insights, a back arrow was added to the design. While I was designing the mockup, i also saw the design becoming too cluttered with the chatbot on the right bottom corner. I worked on the design to have the help icon on the bottom navigation bar for the design to have less clutter.

Before usability study

After usability study


After usability study

Before usability study

mockup 2.1.jpeg
Google Pixel 2XL.png

Based on the insights, a COD option was added to the design for users who wished to pay cash upon delivery.

Image 1-18-24 at 1.28 PM.jpeg
Accessibility Considerations

High contrasting colors used throughout the app.


Language options are available for people from different backgrounds.


Assistance is provided throughout the app for individuals new to technology. For those already familiar with tech, the option to switch off assistance is available upon opening the app.




As people buy smartphones daily, the struggle to navigate and understand various apps is a common issue. While designers typically create apps catering to tech-savvy individuals, this app aims to bridge the gap and provide a user-friendly experience for those new to technology. With hopes of developing more such apps in the future, this app is just the start of a new chapter in simplifying technology for all.

What I learned

Designing an app for a user new to technology highlighted the need for assistance in using apps. Balancing the amount of assistance provided to make the user comfortable while completing a task was a challenge. This experience showed that there are still people who require support to use technology effectively.

Next Steps

To cater to the diverse user base in countries like India where English is not the primary language in many regions, I aim to develop this app in regional languages. The app will be accessible to users in languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, and more, providing a comfortable and personalized experience. This will not only make the app more inclusive but will also ensure that language is not a barrier for people who want to use it. Overall, the app's reach will increase, and more people will benefit from its features, making it a more successful product.


I want to redesign this Zeva into an old age assistance app which is specially designed to provide senior citizens with easy access to essential necessities like food, groceries, and basic medical supplies. With just a few taps, seniors can order and receive their goods right at their doorstep without the hassle of going out. The app also offers a comfortable interface, built for seniors, with large fonts and simple navigation. Hence, they can easily keep track of their orders and make payments securely. The Old Age Assistance app is an all-in-one platform for senior citizens, providing relief and convenience during their time of need.


To further improve the design of the app, I will be implementing an AI-powered chatbot that can assist users in real-time. This chatbot will be programmed to provide quick responses regarding the products and services. 


I would like to make this app in regional languages for users from countries like India where english is not the main language in many parts of the country.


Make this app as an old age assistance app for senior citizens to have access to food, groceries and basic medical supplies.


Make some more improvements in the design in terms of assistance, chatbot and pop-ups.


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